Previous Speakers


Jan 8, 2024          Dr. Leah Tarwater, PhD, Adj Professor, College of Arts and Science, Liberty University: “Kentucky in the Civil War.”

Feb 12, 2024      Kraig McNutt,  Director, Center for Civil War Studies, “Granbury’s Brigade at the Battle of Franklin.”

Mar 11, 2024      Charles Pendleton, owner and curator Vicksburg Civil War Museum

Apr 8, 2024          Dr. Anne Bailey, PhD, Professor Emerita of History; “Texans in the Atlanta Campaign.”


Jan 9             Thomas Holder, author and historian, “BGen Hiram Granbury.”

Feb 13          Dr. Anne Bailey, PhD: “Problems in Command in the Army of Tennessee”

Mar 13         Dr. Jonathan Steplyk, “The Surprise Attack on Fort Donelson”

Apr 10,        Dr. Brian Jordan of Sam Houston State “German Immigrant Regiment in the Union Army”

May 8          Curt Fields, Gen Grant and the Vicksburg Campaign

Sep 11         Dr. Rick McCaslin “Cotton Trade in Texas during the Civil War”

Oct 9             Colonel David Wells, USMC (Ret): “Marines in the Civil War.”

Nov 13          Dr. David K. Barnett: “City  of Granbury and the Civil War”

Dec 11          Bertram Hayes Davis: Great Grandson of Jefferson Davis


Jan 10            Historian Joe Walker: Paroles and Exchanges in the Civil War

Feb 14           Dr. Anne Bailey, Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University, Editor, Society of Civil War Historians Newsletter. “Pat Cleburne, Confederate General”.

Mar 14           Dr. Charles D. Grear, Professor of History, Central Texas College. “A Trying time for All: Texas Indians During the Civil War”

Apr 11            Tuan T. Phan, U.S. Park Ranger, “The Defense of the Nations Capital During the War”

May 9              Dr. Curt Fields, US Grant living historian,  “US Grant and the Mexican War.”

Sept 12           Richard Selcer, PhD: Gettysburg Revisited – the 50year reunion of the Battle.

Oct 10            Pat Falci, actor extraordinary appearing as LtGen AP Hill, CSA

Nov 12          Dr. Deborah Liles, PhD: “Sustaining the Confederacy, Livestock Industry in Texas During the Civil War”

Dec 12          Shelby Harriel, author, teacher, historian: “Behind the Rifle” a story of women soldiers during the Civil War


Jan 11          Dr. Chuck Grear, “Indians in the Civil War”

Mar 8           Jack Waugh: “Lincoln and War’s End”

Apr 12          Dr. Anne Bailey: “Texas Unionists in the Civil War”

May 10         Dr. Steven Woodworth : “The Lincoln Conspiracy” (Scheduled but unable to attend)

Sep 13   Bertram Hayes-Davis, great-grandson of Jefferson Davis,  about his famous ancestor.

Oct 11     Doug Baum on the Texas Camel Corps.

Nov 8       Mike Lang author and historian will speak on “Decisions at Antietam.”

Dec 13 TCU Professor Steve Woodworth will speak on “The Crater at Petersburg.”


Jan 13            Stephen S. Michot, PhD :” Guerrilla Warfare in Louisiana(1864)”. Dr Michot was formerly professor of History at Nichols State University.

Feb 10            John “Jack” C Waugh, author and historian; “The story of Roger Pryor who survived the Confederacy and became justice of the NY Supreme Court.”

Mar 9               T. Michael Parrish, PhD, Department of History, Baylor University, “The Vital Importance of Texas in the Civil War.”

Apr 13     Cancelled due to Corona Virus.        Charles Grear, PhD, “Indians in the Civil War”

May 11    Cancelled due to Corona Virus.     Mark Grimsley, PhD, History professor, Ohio State University. The Hard Hand of War; Union Military Policy Toward Southern Civilians.

Sep 14         Cancelled due to Corona Virus   Bertram Hayes-Davis, the great-grandson of Jefferson Davis will speak on the  Jefferson Davis’ chaotic life after the Civil War.

Oct 12            Cancelled due to Corona Virus  Doug Baum: “The US Army Camel Corps”. A Jefferson Davis project when he was Secretary of War.

Nov 9              Professor Ric McCaslin: “The Campaign for Fort Fisher

Dec 14          Dr.  Don Frazier: “Louisiana and Texas After the Fall of      Vicksburg and Port Hudson”


Jan 14         Danny Sessums: “A Force to be reckoned With; a Study of  Granbury’s Texas Brigade”

Feb 11        A. Wilson Greene, author and historian: “A Perfect Hell of Blood – The Battle of the Crater.”

Mar 11       Ed Bearss  was scheduled but was too ill to travel and his place was taken by Joe Walker: “Personality and life of Gen W.T. Sherman.”

Apr 8         Brig. Gen. (Ret.) John Scales, US Army : “The Battles and Campaigns of Confederate  General  Nathan Bedford Forest”

May 13       S. Waite Rawls III, Executive Director of the Museum of the Confederacy: “The Staff of Jefferson Davis”

Sep 9            Gene Salecker: “The Sultana Disaster”

Oct 14            Dr. Don Frazier “Blood on the Bayou, Vicksburg, Port Hudson and the Trans- Mississippi”

Nov 11        Richard McCaslin, PhD,  University of North Texas. “Gearing; the Union AND the Confederate soldier.”

Dec 9             Jennifer M. Murray, PhD, OSU: ” Major General George Gordon Meade, Army of the Potomac.”


January  8           Anne Bailey (Historian)  :      ” Was Scarlett O’Hara in Texas? Women in the Lone Star State in Wartime”

February 12       Dr Bill Cogar, Executive Director, Historic Naval Ships Association on the ship that changed Naval Warfare: the USS Monitor.

March 12             Ed Bearss:  ” The Battle of Brice’s Crossroads.”

April  9                  Charlie Peoples: “Streight’s Raid”

May 14                  Dale Phillips :    “The Federal Capture of New Orleans”

Sep 10                   Larry Tagg, Author: “The Generals of Shilo”

Oct 8                      Dr. Steven Woodworth, Chairman Dept of History ,  TCU/author: “Grant at the Wilderness”

Nov 12                   George Buss, actor:  ” Impersonation of Abraham   Lincoln”

Dec 10                    Ralph Peters: “On the human aspects                                     of leadership in our Civil War.”


January 9              John Schmutz ( Author and Historian) “The Fighting   Fifth”. A history of the 5th Texas Regiment,    Hood’s Texas Brigade.

February  13          Rick Eiserman (Hood’s Texas Brigade Historian  “Will the Real Pvt Joe Joskins Step Forward?”

 March 13            Ed Bearss  (Chief Historian of the National Park Service from 1981 to 1994 and                  currently Chief historian Emeritus): “An Evening with    Ed Bearrs”

April 10                     Dr Kevin J. Weddle ( US Army War College, Carlisle, PA). “Lincoln’s Tragic Admiral: the Life of Samuel   Francis DuPont.”

May 8                     Mark Christ  (Community Outreach Director,  Arkansas  Historic Preservation Program)  “Battle of  Arkansas Post”

September   11        Richard Selcer, PhD, “Hurry Home Soldier”.

October 9                David Dixon: “The Lost Gettysburg Address.”


January 11                Dr Anne Bailey: “Pat Cleburne, The Stonewall of the West”

February  8                Dr Michael Landis: “Northern Men with Southern Loyalties”

March 7                        Dr Richard Sommers: “Fury at Fort Harrison”

April 11                        John C Waugh: “Thomas J Jackson and Nathan                                                 Bedford Forest and  Their Battlefield Styles”

 May 9                           Scott Bowden:  “Gettysburg, the First Day”

September 12           Steven Woodworth: “A Conspiracy: a Civil War Who                                          Dun It”

October 10                 Don Frazier: “Prelude to Glorietta Pass”

November 7               Frank O’Reilly:                                                                                                                  “Stonewall  Jackson at Chancellorsville”


January 13                        Joe Walker: Andrews Raid and First Medal of                                                       Honor

February 10                       Fred Hazen: War in the Deep South

April 14                                Dr Richard McCaslin: Hood’s Brigade at the                                                         Battle of the Wilderness

May 12                                 Don Barnhart: Battle of Palmito Ranch

June 9                               Phillip Sozansky: The Effect of the Texas Frontier                                               Experience on the  Army of Northern Virginia.

September 8                   Dr Curt Fields:  “Ulysses S Grant; from Shiloh to                                                       Appomattox”.

October 13                      Joe Walker: Personal Aspects of Hiram                                                                     Granbury

November 10             Dr David CoffeyChm, Dept of History, Univ of                                                    Tennessee-Martin,The 141st Battle of Franklin”.    


January 14                         Dr. Don Frazier: The Teche Campaign

March 11                             David Coffey: John Bell Hood and the Battle for                                                 Atlanta

May 13                                 Jonathan Steplyk: Battle of Cedar Creek

September 9                     Garland Richards: Fort Chadbourne

October 14                         Patrick Falci: A.P. Hill

November 10                    Elizabeth Parnicza: Chancellorsville


January 22                         Dr. Rick McCaslin: Reconstruction in Texas

March 12                            John Lundberg: Granbury’s Texas Brigade

May 14                                John Paul Strain: Civil War Art

September 10                  Jack Waugh: Surviving the Confederacy: Roger                                                    and Sara Pryor

November 11                    Dr. Michael Landis: Bleeding Kansas


January 6                           Clif Dermer: Civil War Weaponry

September 11                   Richard Selcer: Blue and Gray on the Rio Grande

November 12                    Dr Stephen E. Maizlish: The First Battle of the                                                     Civil War- the Compromise of 1850


March 8                               Monte Akers: “Life of a Civil War Reenactor”

May 10                                 Dr. John Lundberg: General Hiram Granbury

September 13                  Joe Walker: Who Were the Waco Guards

November 22                    Scott Bowen: Robert E. Lee


April 22                                David Jackson: “Armaments of the 3d Texas Cavalry”

September                        Ron Tyler: “Texas and Mexico in the Civil War”

September                        Mark Brokhart: “Heritage Rare Coins and ANA                                                     Traveling Exhibit”

November                          James Smallwood” “Reconstruction in Texas”


April 25                                 Martha Hartzog (President of Hood’s Texas                                                         Brigade Association- Reactivated): “Hood’s                                                         Brigade and Col Howdy Martin, 4 th Reg”

July 24                                 Bill Ward: “Leadership Contrasts in Lincoln and                                                 Davis”

October 29                          Dr. Don Frazier: “Louisiana in the Civil War”


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