Upcoming Events

North Central Texas Civil War Round Table       

Schedule of upcoming events:

Mar 9               T. Michael Parrish, PhD, Department of History, Baylor University, “The Vital Importance of Texas in the Civil War.”

Apr 13            Charles Grear, PhD, “Indians in the Civil War”

May 11            Mark Grimsley, PhD, History professor, Ohio State University. The Hard Hand of War; Union Military Policy Toward Southern Civilians.

Sep 14            Bertram Hayes-Davis, the great-grandson of Jefferson Davis will speak on the  Jefferson Davis’ chaotic life after the Civil War.

Oct 12             TBD

Nov 9              TBD

Dec 14           Curt Fields, PhD, who appears in the character of U. S. Grant. He has spoken to us previously as General Grant. This time he will address us as President Grant.